About Steve Chang

I am a licensed massage therapist and a licensed acupuncturist in New York State, a Tai Chi and a Yong KongĀ® exercises instructor, and a purser of Dao (Tao). I use massage therapy and acupuncture treatment to treat all kinds of diseases, injuries, and discomforts. I promote Tai Chi and Yong KongĀ® exercises to help maintain good health and an excellent quality of of life. All of these modalities and exercises follow the guidance of Nature, which is called Dao (Tao) in ancient Chinese philosophy.

As a Dao pursuer, my aims are to understand what is natural, why Mother Nature is functioning in a particular way, how this affects us, and what we need to do in order to live better under Mother Nature’s guidance.

Dao is Mother Nature, and it is a science. We can learn Mother Nature’s way every day and study all fields of sciences. All these are all within the philosophy of Dao. I believe following Mother Nature (Dao) is the best way to treat illnesses and to live better.